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The Vein Center of St. Paul Radiology

VeinGogh™ Ohmic Thermolysis – When Laser or Sclerotherapy is not Enough

VeinGogh™ is the fast, easy way to reliably treat cosmetically unacceptable conditions like telangiectasia and spider veins, usually with less discomfort compared to older therapies.

IPL or lasers can be expensive, skin type dependent and have an inherent risk of injury. Compact, portable VeinGogh™ instantly eliminates vessels dependably and repeatably.

“Similar” devices use decade-old technology to deliver questionable results and discomfort, and can have a significant risk of leaving visible microscars. VeinGogh™ delivers outstanding results using unique, proprietary Microburst Technology, which creates an effective, controllable heating of dermal vasculature without significant discomfort or visible damage to the surrounding tissue.

How does it work?

Only VeinGogh™ uses Ohmic Thermolysis, the unique process of selectively thermocoagulating small, cosmetically unacceptable blood vessels using microbursts of high-frequency electrical energy delivered into the vessel via a hair-thin probe. The resistivity of the vessels converts the energy to heat instantly, coagulating the blood and collapsing the vessel wall, yet leaving the outer layers of the skin unaffected.


Compared to competing devices, heat remains in the vessel much longer, allowing VeinGogh™ to treat vessels without visible damage to surrounding tissue.

Microburst Technology

Only VeinGogh™ incorporates Microburst Technology, a powerful and revolutionary frequency regulator that achieves fixed amplitude energy, allowing controllable heating of vessels without significant discomfort or visible damage to the surrounding tissue.

Microburst Technology allows the VeinGogh™ to deliver peak wave modulation-fixing each pulse at an exact, unfluctuating amplitude for greater control. The resulting pulse train also encompasses sharp, precise peaks to minimize the risk of damage and deliver consistent results.

Sometimes the Most Elegant Solutions are the Simplest Solutions

High patient satisfaction:

  • Treat a wide range of fine vessels
  • No anesthesia required
  • Clears vessels laser/IPL and sclero leave behind
  • Immediate, consistent, repeatable results

This Procedure is Used in: